Kids' Books About Food!

We recently worked with Exeter University to create a book for kids and adults to learn more about the way our food system works, through doing what we love - cooking! Our new book will explain why cooking veggie meals together is good for us and the planet. Keep an eye out - it will soon be available to anyone who has come to our sessions.

This got us thinking: are there other great books for kids which inspire us in the kitchen? Here's some ideas - tell us the books YOU love!

Books with recipes

Our sessions are plant-based - not all of these stories are, to allow for a wider range of stories. Let us know if you have substitution ideas to make veggies the main characters!

Cora Cooks Pancit - Dorina K. Lazo Gilmore

In this book, Cora takes the reins in the kitchen for the first time and cooks a Filipino dish, Pancit, for her family. The recipe is in the back of the book for anyone who wants to try it too.

Bee-bim Bop - Linda Sue Park

In this book, readers join a hungry little girl on every step of the journey from shop, to kitchen, to table as her family put together the Korean Bee-Bim Bop.

Juliana's Bananas - Ruth Walton

This one is a favourite with Rebecca and Ivy! Taking a look at the lives of banana farmers in the Windward Islands, Juliana’s Bananas explores how Fairtrade works and includes some simple recipes that are Kids Kitchen tested and approved!