Happy January!

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The new start that January brings can feel great.

But when you've got a young one, it can sometimes feel like just more of the same. Early mornings, a constant need to find stuff to do and mealtimes looming towards you one after the other. Have you ever had that feeling?

We know.  We've either been there or we ARE there.  Kids Kitchen has always been about grabbing the moments we can for the food and fun we have time for right now. 

So here's our January gift from us to you. It's completely clutter-free so no need to find space for it in the cupboard.

Recipes are everywhere - what we need is time and space to make them!  So this more than a recipe - a simple combo to occupy your toddler, get dinner on the table and know you're not doing it all alone.

It's also completely plant-based - so a Happy #Veganuary!

We'll also throw in some videos from one of our founders - top tips to turn hanging out in the kitchen into a stress free activity that everyone enjoys. 


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