Let’s develop an army of session leaders in Scotland!

Rebecca learns everything about social enterprises with The Circle

Kids Kitchen Co-Founder Rebecca has spent the last 12 weeks covering all things Social Enterprise with The Circle.

Rebecca says “I’ve FINALLY cracked cash flow, after quite a few years of blagging it! and I’m MUCH clearer on how we talk about the BIG VISIONS of our organisation. The thing about being a founder, is that you always know why you are doing it, but it’s pretty hard to make sure you can describe that outside your head too.

The course covered every little element of running an organisation that’s about MORE than profit, and because we’re a learning organisation, it’s the kind of thing that will get passed on to all trainee session leaders that come through our doors too! SO sign up to our next group programme!

It’s been great for Kids Kitchen to be part of this and we’re excited by all of the connections we now have in Scotland. In fact, that’s what we’re pitching for in the final event of this course; a pot of money to develop Kids Kitchen session leaders within their own communities in Scotland. So if you want to support an army of food revolutionaries in Scotland, donate to the pot and wish Rebecca luck!