Parent-Led and Proud!

If you’ve been to a Kids Kitchen session local to you or online, you might not have noticed that we are more than just that one amazing session leader who brightens up you and your toddler’s morning. We are based in a number of areas, and despite working as one team (which totally got us through lockdown!) most of us hadn’t met in real life until this weekend.

“I already knew that we have a positive impact on families that attend our sessions, but am now even more sure after hearing Kate and Aneta’s stories” – Carmen, session leader

Thanks to the support of the Lottery’s Lived Experience Leadership fund the planning paid off and this weekend we MET as a TEAM! On an epic away weekend we hung out on a farm, picked apples, sat around a fire, met each others’ families, met EACH OTHER – and talked. And no-one was on mute!

“You create this meticulous structure, but with flexibility within it for you and all the families you work with. That’s… dynamite!” Chris, our lovely facilitator

At the end, Nicola and Kate thanked us for being able to carry on over the constant chat of a 2 yr old toddler and a ten month old. Our collective response was clear and obvious – we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We are parent-led and this is what it means – it means creating spaces for parents and carers – all of us – to have fun, learn, build better communities for us and others – in a way that works for us, and you.

And this is how we know it works – because it’s happened to us.

See you at a session soon – or get in touch and we’ll come to your space!