Who We Are

From two grown-ups and two kids in 2011 we are now a collective network of many, supporting fun family cooking in various ways. Here are a few of us - scroll down for the full run-down! If you'd like to be part of what we do please check our opportunities page, stay in touch for updates and check out our training and community membership.

The Team


The adults and the kids that choose to spend an hour or two cooking with us are essential.  We all work together to get to the end of some fabulous savoury cooking, clearing and playing as we go.  Even better if this inspiration makes its way into our own kitchens too!

Session Leaders

We have three hubs - in East London, South East London and Herefordshire.  Each hub inspires savoury cooking from scratch and a sense of local community. Most of our session leaders came to a session and took it from there!

Director and Coordinator

Rebecca is co-director of the not-for-profit Community Interest Company that holds the operations of Kids Kitchen - supporting strategic decisions and ensuring a safe sustainable experience for everyone that reflects Kids Kitchen's core values.  She has a freelance background in community engagement, and founded the organisation with Eva back in 2011.  Rebecca organises the operations of Kids Kitchen Collective, and keeps the hubs connected and supported. 


Voluntary Steering Team

Our steering team includes members of all our groups and has voluntary members too.  Each of member has experienced, led, or volunteered at a Kids Kitchen and brings their own experience and skills to what we do.  They support all the big decisions of our projects.

​Louise - Steering Group member, Strategy.  Louise has a calm head when it comes to describing what we do and how we have impact.  Her experience in corporate fundraising has enabled us to improve our income generation and therefore support more family cooking in more areas.

Joanna - Steering Group member, Treasurer. A reliable clear perspective with some serious skills to unpick the chaos of working in multiple areas, with multiple grants, and a team that just want to get cooking and not think about admin!

Eva: founder, Director and Maker: from creating the first seed of an idea in 2011 to now, Eva has driven and supported the look, feel and values of what we do.  Her background is in fine art and she is now a design associate at Co-DB.

Associate Team

We have a great team of brilliant people using their skills to take us forward when we most need it and really appreciate their willing, long-term commitment to what we do.

​Lynne - First started with Aneta's sessions and has also made Kids Kitchen happen at festivals with her family, supporting us now with graphic design.  Design Jam

Jennie - a real gem at gathering our session feedback, showing our impact and building great funding bids! Jennie Graham

Kayley - support for Social Media Marketing and dragged us up to speed with Instagram! Chatty Penguin

Community Members

From coming to a session, stumbling across us online or at a festival - our community members are building their skills and inspiring fun food activities in their own style.  Annie is one of them...

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