Our annual report

We’re so happy to share our 2022/2023 annual report with you all. We had a fantastic year and celebrated our 10th birthday! Here’s a snap shot of everything that we did:

  • We nearly doubled the amount paid out to individuals as freelancers or employees, to £73k in 2022/2023. That’s around 4,000 hours of flexible, part-time, parent and carer friendly work, which in turn has positive social impact
  • We ran 3 online training cohorts and opened two new hubs in Devon and North Wales
  • We delivered our biggest project ever when the London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) asked us to deliver Recipe Bags to up to 50 families EVERY week for a year and reached 122 families across the borough
  • We’ve led 112 sessions through six hubs. This is our biggest ever year!
  • We delivered a whopping 760 ingredient bags and recipes thanks to our recipe club partnership with London Borough of Waltham Forest (last year we delivered 300 bags and recipes)
  • All-in-all we ate with 3,641 adults and children, from North Wales to South London via Herefordshire, Devon and East London
  • We have created flexible work for a regular team of 21 this year, plus work for a number of associates

South East London

  • New hub co-ordinator Murray joined the team
  • 5 new session leaders were trained
  • Dedicated SEN sessions introduced

East London

  • Collaborated with OrganicLea to run cooking and growing sessions
  • Joined with Walthamstow ToyLibrary to run a weekly programmein their venues
  • Launched the Recipe Club,reaching 122 families and delivering 703 recipe bags


  • Delivered 40 ingredients bags to local families through our partners at Ledbury Food Bank
  • Established monthly sessions at Barons Cross in Leominster
  • Expanded the team with two new session leaders

Mid Devon

  • New hub run by trainee Lois
  • Delivered 6 sessions in Mid-Devon, reaching 42 families

North Wales

  • New hub run by trainee Krysia
  • Ran 3 sessions in North Gwynedd, reaching 29 families

If you want to read more head over to our impact page where you can read this and all our annual reports.

We can’t wait to share the next year with you!