Kids Kitchen Opportunities

Come and get involved with us!  It’s fun, chaotic and inspiring – we really do create an impressively tasty meal, harnessing the raw power of our under-5s!  Fiond out more about the team here.

We are keen to involve as many people as possible in what we do – we believe in the power of Kids Kitchen sessions for all, so if there is no volunteering or session leading where you are - we may be able to support you with community membership.

Session Leaders

Many Kids Kitchen sessions are led by volunteers, with their kids in tow, but some are lucky enough to have funding and the session leader is paid.  Currently we have three funded hubs:  South East and East London, and Herefordshire. 

We’re always interested in hearing from you if inspiring a bunch of young kids and adults is your thing!  You will be part of our accredited training - which is also accessible from anywhere. Please email and tell us how you fit each aspect of the job description.

Session Volunteers

Many Kids Kitchen sessions are run completely by volunteers.  Almost all of our session leaders started by coming to, and then helping out at, a session.  Our vision is that his happens all over the country in whatever way works for you!  Volunteers are very welcome at existing sessions - have a look at the booking page and let us know.  If you’re not in those areas, please either consider our community membership or encourage a toddler space near you to become a community member!  We can offer accredited training and lots of support from people like you who've done it before!

Voluntary Steering Group Members

We are looking for two new voluntary steering team members, preferably with experience of safeguarding or marketing, with a commitment to using family cooking to build a more sustainable way of producing our food!  Our steering meetings are roughly quarterly, and they are all online - so you can be part of this from anywhere.

Please check out the role, and if you are interested email and tell us more about yourself - questions are included in the role information.

Associate: Remote Outreach and Engagement

We have been meeting and training online for a while.  We've also got an online network to get people sharing and staying connected between sessions. Now, we cook together online too!

We are looking for someone who shares our values, and would like to be part of our collective longer term to work with us to build this part of our work and link it to the excellent work our hubs are doing.  If you are interested, please look at the role and email detailing how you fit the role description.   More about the team here.