Online Hub Session – Thursday 4th November: Pastry play with a bang!

Hello! No more missing out, here at Kids Kitchen we are coming to you! In our Kids Kitchen Online Session we want to make sure each family has the opportunity to join in, feel included, have fun and cook great food together with one of our pressure free cooking activities wherever you are, whatever your circumstances. Meet other parents from the comfort of your own home, explore skills, tastes and ideas – Welcome Everyone!

What we have planned is as much for the grown-ups as it is the kids!

  • 45 minute session of fun for the kids with a simple food based sensory play activity
  • We can chat over a hot cuppa- about food, recipes or anything else that takes our fancy – just like a normal playgroup!
  • There’s a full-blown recipe that will see you through to lunch if you’re feeling adventurous (no pressure!)

Our session leaders will be there to facilitate the activity and discussion and to answer your questions and share some tips and ideas.

This week we’ll be getting the kids squidging and rolling for some pastry playing!


A super simple pastry recipe that is perfect for little hands to play with. Grab some plain flour, water and oil (olive, vegetable, whatever you’ve got in the cupboard!) and we will talk you through this easy activity for the kids to enjoy whilst we chat.


You’ll also need a big bowl and maybe a rolling pin and some pastry cutters… or whatever you think your little one will enjoy playing with!

And because we are so close to Bonfire Night, we’ll be putting a twist on our usual pastry recipe ideas. Have a look here to see what we’ll be making and what you may need for your pastry play to go with a bang, spin or whizz!

We will also share other pastry based recipe ideas so if you want to, you could turn the pastry into something tasty for another time! Check out our Mini Tarts Recipe Activity Video here for some ideas or read our Mighty Network posts on Pesto Pastry Twists here and Indian spiced stuffed pastries!

Book your Virtual Playgroup space on our Happity page here or email Sam at to find out more.