One thing we’re sure of…

In all of the uncertainty, some things don’t change – babies and toddlers need dinner and activities!

We were delighted with the response to our survey, thank you for giving us a steer about what you’re going through and what you’d be up for doing with us.

The next two months will have the following, thanks to all your great ideas.

  • Weekend cookalongs
  • Mid-morning sensory play and chat with some foodie bits thrown in (yup, we need a better title for that one)
  • Videos – with recipes and activities, waiting for you when you want them.

If you’d like videos, recipes and activities straight to your inbox when they’re launched – click here to say yes!

And we’re still working with Early Years partners and food banks to bring sessions / ingredients to local groups and keep people connected and fed.

You can support all this with a purchase from our shop, we’re a social enterprise so everything goes back into the work we do. Our Essentials kit is a great Christmas gift for all the family, inspiration for grown ups and things to do for kids!

And of course all the session leaders and are over in the network sharing our recipes and ideas and with all of our past session recipes too!

If you haven’t yet joined the network – we’ll get you in! You can access on your phone (Mighty Network App) or a browser and once you’re in it’s all kids and food, no other media distractions 🙂

We’re still finalising details but please follow Facebook, Instagram for updates and the booking page (even though it IS clunky! Can you help with that?!) will have all online events and video releases, along with links to ingredients and recipes.

Thanks for sticking with us, it means a lot and we will see you in the internet soon.

Kids Kitchen Team