Not for the quick win – but the BIG win

Hello, parents and carers. You won’t have time to read all these reports but here are the headlines – everyone now agrees that:

  • Yup. It is lonely and difficult. Baby and toddler groups are a lifeline.
  • Supporting parents and carers when they need it is a long term BIG win.
  • Organised parent and child activities are exempt from tier restrictions.

Both the 5 Big Questions survey, and the petition about baby and toddler groups, have shown what you already knew – parent, toddler and baby groups are vital to our mental health and to society as a whole.

This is why we have our Virtual Playgroup – a regular check-in to keep you ticking along and maybe spark an idea or too

This is why our video activities – that inspire a spot of creativity in your little one, also give you a way to make lunch easily, while having a bit of fun too. Smiling and laughing shouldn’t feel like a bonus feature in your day!

This is why we are already partnering safely with some local venues and will be getting out to more as soon as we can.

Please hang in there. Here are some ideas from Aneta – she’s been there, and she’s got your back.

Full details of guidance here.

Rebecca, co-founder and proof of the ‘long term big win’ – That’s my 10 yr old up there 🙂