Nine Reasons to 9-5…

We are living in a 9 to 5 society with every day throwing up new balls to juggle.

Something has to give and at Kids Kitchen we don’t think that it should be quality time or healthy meals. After all, research shows that spending just 15-30 minutes a day with our children having our full attention has far greater impact than grabbing 5 minutes here and there.

So our 9 for 5 recipes aim to not only give you that quality time but to use it wisely to dish up a healthy snack or tasty tea.

9 recipes, sent weekly, for just £5 and each including challenges, recipe variations and ways to get you and your child cooking up a storm together.

Here are East London Coordinator Carmen’s nine reasons to choose 9 for 5:

1. You get 9 child friendly recipes

2. Your child gets the chance to learn new kitchen skills

3. You’re boosting your child’s learning of vocabulary, shapes, colours, textures and tastes

4. You’re getting quality time together without having to let the ball drop elsewhere

5. You can share your journey with the Kids Kitchen network

6. You can make friends through the love of good food

7. You’re sowing the seeds for a healthy lifestyle

8. You have the chance to win a Kids Kitchen apron

9. At only £5 it’s a steal!