New hub in North Gwynedd

Kids kitchen north wales hub

After 9 weeks our training programme has finished and we’ve welcomed new session leaders to our community. As well as session leaders for our excisitng hubs in South East London and Herefordshire we’ve also welcomed a few session leaders from new areas including North Wales and Gloucestershire.

There are many ways to get involved in Kids Kitchen from volunteering to applying for advertised roles but our training is one of the best ways of becoming a session leader, especially if you’re not in a hub area and want to start your own.

We had an amazing group of people who we connected with virtually (and in person!). They’ve completed an online course, had 1-1s with our experienced sessions leaders and run test sessions either at hubs or in their homes. We also host live sessions on funding, running sessions as part of our training, plus we have a supportive online group where trainees can ask any questions or ask for help when they need.

Krysia is one of these trainees who is based in North Gwynedd in Wales. She completed the training and has already run one session at the Penygroes Memorial Hall. She had 8 families, 14 children in attendance and they cooked a delicious Thai curry.

Little hands getting involved

Krysia told us, “I would never have had the confidence to run this session without the training and the Kids Kitchen team behind me. For me the training represented support, and the security of having gone through absolutely everything involved with running a session. I have very little headspace to think in my life so this step by step process has been perfect. The actual event felt so right and fulfilling”

If you’d like to attend a session with Krysia or are keen to get involved with Kids Kitchen you can view our training page here.