October: More Sunshine in South East London Hub

What a beautiful September we had here in London all our sessions were outside in the gardens full of fun and sunny spelt. We made great vegetable fritters and even been able to harvest some potatoes at WildcatWilderness which we could use in a recipe.

At Beckenham Place Park and our new Goldsmiths Community Centre, we tried seasonal courgette and sweetcorn in our delicious boat dish with a lot of engaging activities for kids and adults. In both sessions, we also had the chance to use herbs and some vegetables for their gardens thanks to a growing community of volunteers.

Hoping October will bring us more sunshine we would like to invite you to cook with us more families friendly creations at the following places:

8th October / Friday WildCat Wilderness Kids Kitchen | Baby & Toddler Classes London | Happity

12th October / Tuesday Beckenham Place Park depending on the weather conditions Kids Kitchen | Baby & Toddler Classes Beckenham | Happity

14th October /Thursday Goldsmiths Community Centre Kids Kitchen | Baby & Toddler Classes London | Happity

In October we start our ingredients bags delivery to Families in Phoenix residents areas and directly support family cooking of healthy low-cost food from scratch. If you Phoenix resident with young kids and want to take part in this program please book using this link https://www.happity.co.uk/schedules/kids-kitchen-london-home-registration-for-ingredients-bag-delivery-home-for-phoenix-residents

or get in touch with Aneta on aneta.kidskitchen@gmail.com

See you all soon! Happy Cooking!