Meet-up: Waltham Forest (fingers crossed…)

We want to hang out! This post was born because we want to see your beautiful faces again but we just down quite know when or how… We have been tirelessly working towards restarting our face to face sessions but the challenges are many so we thought in the meantime we could organise something a bit different.

We have been playing with a few ideas and we thought if we could get together, outside, informally, with our kids, just to catch up and see where we are all at that would be something!

I’m trying to figure out availability with one of our greatest venue partners Pimp Hall to see if we can have an informal meeting in the grounds so the kids can run around and we can have a chinwag.

We haven’t finalised everything yet so watch this space but it’s likely going to be a weekend in late September weather permitting. Please sign up to our mailing list to keep in touch.

Alice and the KK East London Team