Meet the Festivals Team

Rebecca and Luke are heading to CarFest North with Ivy – who’s 9, and been doing Kids Kitchen for 8 of those years! Next Month they’ll be at Starry Skies.

We know Rebecca as the director of Kids Kitchen, but she’s also involved in a variety of other projects including Stories and Supper. They most often have something to do with food! She is a certified Learning and Performance Institute trainer, volunteer and project co-ordinator… and still finds time to work on the shared farm where she lives.

Ivy – “My favourite bit is helping the other kids”

Luke has been involved in Kids Kitchen with Rebecca since the start, as a helper, dad and advocate for the Kids Kitchen dream. He maintains that working at festivals is the best way to experience them because you get to see all the entertainment for free while also working for a good cause. Alongside his sessions with Kids Kitchen, Luke will be working with to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Lynne is embarking on two festivals with us this year, the first with Gemma. They and their families will be running the Chilled in a Field sessions. Gemma says: “I’m passionate about good food and encouraging others to enjoy it to in a relaxed manner that brings it easily into your life. We’ve two children, who are also food lovers, we love travelling, camping and being out in the world exploring.  We live by the sea and enjoy a paddle as often as possible.

Janie at Starry Skies 2018

Lynne is really creative. She says she and her family “are all foodies and our children have inherited this from us; when we’re not cooking for and with each other we’re trying new food options in and around London or meticulously planning nutritious meals to feed our families – trying and sharing new recipes always. We also care deeply about living consciously, considering our community, our impact on the environment and our parenting.” Lynne’s partner is the methodical problem solver. Both are passionate about food, the environment, and sharing their skills.

Sarah will be heading to Hampshire to run the Kids Kitchen sessions at CarFest South in August.


Sarah has helped Aneta at a couple of South East London events but this will be her first festival for Kids Kitchen. She will be bringing her 2 boys aged 2 & 4. When she’s not cooking with the kids she can be found with her head in a book or planning her next adventure.

Hope to bump into you at a festival soon! If you’d like to make some of this festival food fun happen in your home, be part of our Ten for Ten offer this Summer.