Kitchen Online: 30th of June Flatbread and dips

“My kids aren’t so keen at the moment (eldest in particular) but I still do it because it makes me cook a different lunch and I love the company (my youngest who’s two does start off quite keen, and eats most of the veg she chops before it gets in the bowl) I rarely join in the chatting but I still feel a part of it and I’m always a bit sad when it’s over!”

It’s not always just about the kids! At Kids Kitchen we believe that parents’ well being is just as important. And the happier we are the happier our kids are. I was so glad to read this comment, this is exactly what we were trying to achieve with these sessions. And the children might very well get into it again at some point, no pressure!

Next Tuesday – Aneta the co-ordinator for our South East London Hub will talk us through this wonderful recipe with the help of Kate co-ordinator of our Herefordshire Hub. Book here! (Bookings will close at 10.15am Tuesday, and after that you’ll receive an email with a ‘zoom’ link to join. Room opens 10.45am, session starts 11am)What you might find useful:

Rolling Pin


Food Processor (or Masher)

Knife and Scissors

Chopping Board

And ingredients…

For the flatbreads:





For the courgette dip:





Tahini (optional)

Fresh Herbs

For the bean dip:

Butterbeans (or other beans)



Soy (or Tamari) Sauce

Spices (chilli, paprika, cumin or coriander)


A short note about ingredients: we try to use local and seasonal produce and tweak recipes accordingly. Tweaking is also necessary at the moment now that we can only leave home for essentials. For this reason we’ve given you loads of options, please don’t be daunted by them! We will also help with substitutions on the day.

Our Crowdfunder is finished and we raised just under £2,500! Thank you all so so much for your support. If you missed the cut off and would like to support our work, you can do so via the link below! ????????????