Kids Kitchen Online: Adult Learners Week with The Big Skill and the Bleddfa Centre

On Tuesday 22nd September 3-4pm we are running a special online session for Adult Learners Week in collaboration with The Big Skill and the Bleddfa Centre. In this session, Kate from our Herefordshire Hub will be talking us through one of our favourite and most versatile recipes – Mini Tarts! This simple recipe uses home made pastry and whatever you have in the store cupboard for a filling! Delicious! She will also be using the time to tell you all about our training sessions, what’s involved, how they can benefit you and of course, why she enjoyed them so much!

So book your place HERE by selecting the Big Skill session and join us! Booking will close at 2.15pm on Tuesday and the zoom link for the session will be sent to you via email before the session.





For the filling…

Whatever you fancy! In the session we will be roasting some veg to use (onions, peppers, carrots, sweet potato, tomato) but other popular fillings include ‘pizza sauce’ with passata, onion, garlic and basil or you could go sweet with apple and cinnamon, or come up with your own variation!

Other items you may find useful:

Large mixing bowl


Chopping board

Roasting tray / tin or pot to cook filling

Muffin tray

Pastry brush

Rolling pin

Pastry cutter (a cup or small bowl would work well!)

Please email Kate at if you have any questions.

We look forward to cooking with you on Tuesday!