Kids Kitchen Online: 16th of June Veggie Burgers

“My daughter doesn’t normally eat raw salad but happily had this!!”

It has been our experience through all Kids Kitchen sessions that even the fussiest eaters will be more willing to give things a go. I think it has something to do with their need for independence and their natural curiosity which makes them pick up and try something they would refuse to it if we try and make them.Next Tuesday – Kate the co-ordinator for our Herefordshire Hub will again team up with her local Food Bank and make veggie burgers using with what is the parcels. She’ll be joined by Alice from the East London Hub.Book here (Bookings will close at 10.15am Tuesday, and after that you’ll receive an email with a ‘zoom’ link to join. Room opens 10.45am, session starts 11am)What you might find useful:

Chopping Board

Knife/ Scissors


Potato masher



And ingredients…

For the burgers:

Carrots (or other root veg – Kate will use beetroot as they have lots of those at the food bank)

Onion (or spring onion or even leek)

Beans (the original recipe calls for kidney bean but you can use what you have handy)

Spices (paprika and cumin would be great, but whatever you have or particularly like)

Fresh Coriander (optional or you could use other herbs)

A bit of flour

Pitta bread or burger buns to serve

For the slaw (optional but it helps if the burgers are a little dry – if you don’t have the ingredients you could make a simple salad):

Carrots or other root veg (that beetroot would come in handy…)

Cabbage (any kind)

Fresh Coriander or Parsley

Lemon or Lime

A short note about ingredients: we try to use local and seasonal produce and tweak recipes accordingly. Tweaking is also necessary at the moment now that we can only leave home for essentials. For this reason we’ve given you loads of options, please don’t be daunted by them! We will also help with substitutions on the day.

Update: our Crowdfunder is finished and we raised just under £2,500! Thankyou all so so much for your support. If you missed the cut off and would like to support our work, you can do so via the link below! ????????????