Kids Kitchen Online: 14th of July Veg Tempura

“We discovered it can be really tasty without being too complicated.”

This could very well be our motto. What’s a motto? What’s the motto with you? This is my son’s favourite joke so I thought I would sneak it in!

This one is going to be pretty straight forward but the kids are going to have a blast “milking” some oats!..

You could use any plant based milk you have in the house but I can assure you making oat milk can be a lot of fun.

Next Tuesday – Kate and Alice will walk you through our veg in batter recipe. Book here! (Bookings will close at 10.15am Tuesday, and after that you’ll receive an email with a ‘zoom’ link to join. Room opens 10.45am, session starts 11am)What you might find useful:

Chopping Board


Veg peeler (optional)

Muslin cloth (or a pair of old tights – washed…)



And ingredients…

Vegetables (any you have around, cauliflower, carrots, courgettes, broccoli, peppers…)





Oil to fry

A short note about ingredients: we try to use local and seasonal produce and tweak recipes accordingly. Tweaking is also necessary at the moment now that we can only leave home for essentials. For this reason we’ve given you loads of options, please don’t be daunted by them! We will also help with substitutions on the day.

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