Kids Kitchen meets ‘Party in a Box’

Our Herefordshire Hub coordinator Kate is also a volunteer for the NCT in her area – and is excited about their new offer of a completely re-usable party!

One of our key values here at Kids Kitchen is to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can be. This is something that I feel is very important, not just in my role as a Session Leader for Kids Kitchen, but as a mother too. I am always looking for new ways to help my family be more environmentally friendly, and help other families towards this too. So when my local NCT branch came across the idea for a reusable party kit, I jumped at the chance to get it set up and launched in Hereford! I have been a volunteer for Hereford & District NCT since I moved here two years ago and am very excited about this new service that we have to offer for local families.

Disposable party ware has become so mainstream nowadays, it’s easy to pick up all you need for a party at your local supermarket. Whilst the idea of several packs of colourful plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and other essentials like table cloths and decorations that can be simply thrown away at the end of the party seems perfect, it means around a hundred items of single use plastic ending up in landfill after an average party for thirty children. Far from ideal!

Our answer to this: the reusable party kit! Our ‘Party in a Box’ is one of many of these kits available to loan around the country. Within the box, you will find everything you need for a party for up to thirty children. As well as the obvious reusable plates, bowls, cups and cutlery, we have two large jugs and two serving platters. We also added three large oilskin tablecloths, in a bright design, and my mother (crafter extraordinaire!) has made us several strings of multi-coloured bunting, including a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner. Everything is packed into one box, ready to be collected on your pre-booked date. Loaning the kit is free of charge, though we do ask for a deposit of £20 to secure the booking. This is returned in full when the kit is returned on the pre-arranged date. As we are a charity, people can opt to give us a donation from their deposit but we really wanted this service to be accessible to everyone, so it was important to us that it was free. Disposable items can be bought so cheaply and being environmentally friendly can often come with a higher price tag, so it is nice to be able to offer something like this for free. It has proved popular so far with a lot of interest and some bookings coming in for the coming months. More information, including how to book if you are local, can be found on Facebook: nctpartyinabox

For those of you not in Herefordshire, we are part of the Party Kit Network ( who have lists of everywhere this service is available from other providers.

Happy party planning!

You can catch Kate re-using plenty more cups and plates at Herefordshire sessions

Or buy your own sturdy and re-usable kitchen essentials here