Kids Kitchen joins Eating Better alliance

Kids making a sustainable, plant-based meal of Hummus Rainbow Wraps at a Kids Kitchen family cooking session

Eating Better is driving action for less and better meat and dairy consumption, and a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system that is better for people and the planet.

We’re excited to announce that we have joined the Eating Better alliance as their latest partner organisation. We love that they draw together people from many backgrounds with overlapping values – this is what we aim for with our simple from-scratch food activities, and have seen the impact on families’ food choices again and again over the last 10 years.

Kids Kitchen grew out of a need – as parents with young kids, we were seeing preachy ‘healthy eating’ classes for parents but no practical ideas – championing vegetables – that actually made our lives easier.  We had to come up with at least two ideas every day for savoury meals, and it turned out others really wanted that too. 

We know that what busy tired parents and carers are looking for is not another problem to solve, and that’s why everything we do is a solution – easier dinners and more ideas for veggie-based cooking. We hope to bring those solutions, designed by busy carers for busy carers to this wonderful network!

We pledge to bring our skills and experience with under 5s and their families to the movement – to change the way we see the food on our plates and also have fun!

Sustainable Kids Kitchen family cooking session in South-East London

Welcoming Kids Kitchen to the alliance, Eating Better executive director, Simon Billing said: 

“It’s great to have Kids Kitchen on board, bringing their dynamism and passion for healthy, sustainable eating in the early years settings. Our Better by Half roadmap calls for food education to be a key part of children’s learning and experience in the early years to set them up with healthy habits for life. The focus of Kids Kitchen’s approach is plant-based cooking with local and seasonal vegetables, which is healthy, nutritious and achievable. We look forward to working with Rebecca and her team and learning from their practical experience of how to better support young families to forge healthy eating habits from an early age.” 

Find out more about Eating Better here and book tickets to an upcoming Kids Kitchen session.