Kids Kitchen is on Holiday!

We have had a busy few months. Amongst the most mind-boggling life-juggling we ever could have imagined, we’ve:

Held a fun cooking session EVERY week online since March 31st. That’s –

  • discovering a completely new way of doing group family cooking
  • connecting with one hundred and thirty five different families from all over the country
  • cooking twenty different recipes…
  • …and literally thousands of variations as every family worked their own ingredients into what we all had in our locked-down homes!

We’ve worked in partnership with other organisations to reach as many people as possible and we’ve really connected and enjoyed time together.

So we’ll be taking a break for a few weeks and we will be back in September.  Our next online session is September 8th

And in September we’ll be – Online, Outside, and maybe… maybe in some familiar places…?! 

If you’d like to keep cooking and getting food inspiration check out our summer reading list for kids – and of course the adults doing the reading…

Here’s what we’ve got planned for September:

In our Hubs

Our coordinators Kate (Herefordshire), Aneta (South East London) and Alice (East London) will be organising outdoor meet-ups in some familiar locations, and finding out from you how you’d like to cook – into the Autumn and beyond. Get in touch:

  • Alice, Carmen and Naseem in East London:
  • Kate in Herefordshire: (and Herefordshire FB)
  • Aneta and Kemi in South East London

Online – Join us from Anywhere!

This online cooking has brought so many new ideas for us and it’s not going anywhere – so we’ll see you every week from 8th September. Join us from anywhere!

Wherever YOU are?

We’ll be starting up our training again – with added content about food choices, all we’ve learnt about online sessions and employability support too. We’re working with some funders to bring this training to more people and we have new dates in October.

We will see you in September – check here for news of what we’ll be cooking, and book yourself a spot here.