Easy Blackberry Ice Cream!!


There are heaps of people cooking sweet stuff with kids, so we usually focus on cooking great savoury food.  But at times of year where local fruits are abundant, it’s SO EXCITING to make ice cream from scratch!  Here are two simple ways:


With Coconut Milk Base and Ice Cream Maker:


2 cans coconut milk

A big handful of blackberries

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

Honey to taste (not too sweet, as it tastes sweeter when frozen)


Mix (very cold) ingredients together, and add to an ice cream maker until frozen.  You can leave it in the freezer to cool more, or just enjoy straight away!


Without an ice cream maker, just pop in the freezer – and take out to mix or blend every 30 minutes for a few hours.


With Frozen Banana Base:

Chop some ripe bananas, and freeze.  When you are ready to make ice cream, add to a food processor or use a hand held blender to whizz up.  Keep going – it will go through a few stages but end up creamy!  You could add backberries when whizzing, or some cocoa or chocolate chips.