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Friends Eva Freeman and Rebecca Tully started Kids Kitchen in 2011 as an antidote to the majority of kids cooking activities available at the time - which seemed to be cake, biscuit or sweet based.  

“We wanted to cook with our children, Billy was only 2 at the time, and didn't see why we couldn't make bread and pizza instead of cakes and biscuits.  And we needed dinner ideas! Rebecca was working on a Veg Box  and wanted to share her love of vegetables with her daughter Ivy, 18 months.  We set upon a scheme to get together with our friends and other carers to meet and cook together with our kids. A few years down the line, Billy and Ivy had started school, and the cooking was still happening... so we thought we'd carry on!”  Eva Freeman, co-founder of Kids Kitchen  


The plan was to do a one-off set of three sessions cooking a plant-based lunch from scratch with their own children and their friends, in a local cafe - the idea has stuck, and what has followed has stayed very similar to that original idea.


Eva and Rebecca started with their kids, Billy and Ivy, in tow.  Making sessions happen around life and children has been an important part of Kids Kitchen from the start and has fitted around many lives! 

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