How to get involved with Kids Kitchen

Are you looking to run Kids Kitchen sessions in your area? Or perhaps you already live in an area where we have a hub? There are different ways of getting involved with us. From volunteering at an existing local session to joining our training programme and setting up your own hub.

Aneta, our SE London hub co-ordinator started as a volunteer in 2012 and is now running one of our biggest hubs. As a new mum, Aneta felt isolated so she joined a Kids Kitchen session to join other parents in the community. She then started to volunteer with the founders Rebecca and Eva in East London and then ran her own monthly sessions from the Hornbeam Community Cafe. When she moved to SE London she was missing her Kids Kitchen connections so with the help of Eva and Rebecca she set up a hub in the area and started running sessions. Not long after she received some funding from the National Lottery to help fund her hub.

Aneta cooking with a local family in South-East London - Kids Kitchen
Aneta running a session in her community

“I joined Kids Kitchen as a way to join a friendly community and meet others. I loved the connections and everything that I learnt. We were all learning as we went along, making new resources, ideas, recipes that we still use today. I now love to help new trainees with mentoring as well as running my own sessions in the area.”

Another way of joining us is by signing up to our online training programme. Lois joined our online training programme in March 2021 and she completed the training in May. She’s now set up a new hub in Mid Devon with our support. By completing our training she received structured training, 1-1 support from our leaders and partners, access to hundreds of templates, recipes, documents and know how that we’ve learnt and built on in the past 10 years.

Lois, completed her online training in May 2022

She said “I think it was the combination of all the different information, guidance, resources and friendly readily available support that has given me the confidence to go out there and start up my own sessions. Without the knowledge and support of everyone I’ve encountered so far at Kids Kitchen I would never have felt able to do this.”

A session at our new Mid-Devon hub run by Lois, one of our newest session leaders

We’ll be running our online training programme again in September. Starting on 26th September it’s a 9 week online programme with a combination of an online course, live group sessions and 1-1 mentoring to help you set up Kids Kitchen sessions in your area.

If you’d like to get involved with Kids Kitchen and find out more we’re running a free online Discovery Session on 12th September. Sign up here and you’ll receive a replay if you can’t make the session.

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