Planning the Recipe


Cooking most things, with time for a snack and allowing time for chat and play, takes around two hours.

Within in this will be two half-hour sessions of actual preparation.


Cooking on a hob. The only thing that we felt we couldn't do again was soup and rolls – a great idea as you can throw almost

anything in, but so much of it was

about cooking over a heat.

Try and include:

As many 'doing' things as possible:

The classic pizza example has kneading,

mixing, snipping, chopping, spooning...
Pizza Recipe
Pizza Plan

Don't be afraid to do it completely from

scratch – our tarts are incredibly popular

and versatile as they can be made

individually, and the homemade pastry is

the easiest and most surprising part.
Tarts Plan

There are many more ideas in our training session, and in the resources section.


What have you cooked successfully? Tell us about it here , and add it to the reci