Have a lovely break and see you in the New Year – MANY SESSIONS COMING UP!!

I just wanted to say thank you to all our supporters and session attendees in East London! I hope you have a wonderful festive break and get to see lots of your favourite people. Here is a link to our FESTIVE PIES video to do with your little ones, let me know how it goes!

We hope to see you in the New Year as we have lots of sessions coming up:

Thanks to the support of local ward councillors we are now able to run weekly sessions in E4 and E17, it’s a dream come true for us as we know how much more successful regular sessions are: we get to know each other better, we get to build bonds and we get to invite the friends we already have to take part.

A lovely family weekend session in collaboration with Walk the loop will kick us off on the 22nd of January followed by weekly daytime sessions for those of you home with a toddler and needing some fun, social time.

We will be in Priory Court E17 5NB for 3 weeks beginning on Tuesday 24/01, followed by Higham Hill Hub E17 5QT again every Tuesday beginning 21/02.

We will also be at Aldriche Way Community Rooms E4 9LZ every Wednesday beginning 23/02.

Session time will be 10-12, let’s eat delicious lunch together!

We are also working with another couple of venues so watch this space…

We have tickets for all pockets: full price £5, 50% low income discount (or subling discount), or free if money is what is stopping you from coming. Please book in advance so we know how many people to expect. All information and discount codes on our booking link.

And any questions give Alice a shout: elondon@kidskitchen.org.uk