Half Term Ideas – Keep it Simple!

How many meals do you HAVE to produce in half term? If it’s just you and one child that’s at least 20, and that’s not including breakfast… or snacks… Cupcakes are optional – but we don’t a choice about lunch and dinner!

So this half term we’re finding the things we enjoy creating in the kitchen, and we’ll use that to get us all fed.

  • Alice and Max have been making bread dough – 6 yr old Max LOVES making cat shapes with it!
  • Aneta’s boys love grating, they can’t get enough of it at the moment. So she’s always got grated veggies on the go!
  • My 10 yr old has ALWAYS been a mushroom chopping fiend. (But I often then don’t have many left for the pasta sauce!)

Find the bit you enjoy, and do that. It might make a heathy toddler lunch, or your teen might cook for you, or it might lead to a fun half hour. Here are some ways we’re connecting and getting fed this half term.

Making dinner easier – together

We’ve got two more live saturday cookalongs, great for older kids to get on with it, siblings to help each other, or younger ones to mess about with sensory fun.

Make a Volcano!

Our latest video for half term is one of our favourites because it is one of the easiest recipes we have and the most fun – make a VOLCANO! Aneta, Ernie, Eric and Kemi will take you through every step like you’re in the kitchen with them 🙂

Getting outside

Make beany burritos with our video and take them on a stomp, maybe to do some geocaching…? (it’s like a global treasure hunt. It’s much more fun than walking)

It’s Pancake Day!

Try our delicious easy-peasy savoury pancakes on Tuesday, with optional oat-milk squidging too which many kids love doing! If you want to skip the squidging and go straight to pancakes – head here.

Supporting you

If you’re feeling isolated with young kids, we’re here. Virtual playgroup has a sensory activity and a space to chat. Let Kate know, and she’ll send you the link.

Other Activities

And if you’re feeling more adventurous with your half term, our friend Curious Wilds is having a virtual sleepover – with a campfire!

Hugs to you ALL x