Family Food Learning

Our team are excited to be working with the University of Exeter – the team who developed this great Future Food course – to bring some family learning to Kids Kitchen.

We’ll be working with a team of lecturers and students to learn more about research around the future of food, and they’ll be helping us link this to what we do in an easy-to-access… something…

Are you excited by what this something might look like?!

We are looking for 2 or 3 interested families to be part of this. You’d need to be the carer of young children, and have an interest in the project. But we’re looking for a range of families so would like to hear from people who are not that bothered about the future of food as well as people who might be very interested!

We will ask you to be involved for between two and four 2hr online sessions in the month of June. When you have signed up, we’ll do everything we can to make times work for all of us.

We guarantee it will be interesting and fun! As a thank you, you’ll get a pack of Kids Kitchen things to inspire your kitchen antics.

If you’d like to be part of making this something happen – please get in touch.

Email and we’ll tell you more.