Family Day Out, Cooking and Growing

We are so very excited about this project kicking off on Sunday 26th of June. They will be running once a month for the next year (a part from the really cold months…). Family Day, all ages welcome!

Kids Kitchen and OrganicLea have been partners for many years. Many of our colleagues and supporters have worked or volunteered with both organisations. Our kids have gathered sticks and cooked together, our families have mingled. And now your family can join us too!

We have just secured funding for a joint project and we couldn’t be more excited. 

On one hand Organiclea will bring all the knowledge and expertise about food growing and organic farming. As well as their passion about sharing that knowledge with others.

On the other Kids Kitchen will bring their experience in cooking with families and making that connection between plant and plate (foraged wild garlic for hummus? Yes please).

This collaboration is the next logical step in both of our journeys and it’s going to be so much fun!

In the morning with Kids Kitchen you will get to cook with your children (no matter how small) harvesting veg straight from the soil. At the end of the session we will all sit down, share the food we cooked and exchange growing tips!

In the afternoon Organiclea will take the lead and you’ll be learning how to grow veg in your own garden (or window sill) and even take home some of the beautiful plants grown by Organiclea to help you improve your skills. 

You can book HERE