Easy ways to cook with your kids in the kitchen

Did you know that cooking from scratch helps children to develop their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills? It also encourages children to try new foods and make and eat healthier food choices. Here’s our top tips on involving the children in the kitchen:

  • Pick easy recipes that doesn’t take too long to cook, kids can get a little impatient! If it does require some cooking time, arrange a quick activity to do while the food cooks
  • Use colourful ingredients and ask them what else they can think of that is the same colour
  • Let your children feel the ingredients as well as try them as you go along
  • Use scissors to snip herbs and leaves, grate carrots, onions and other firm vegetables with a box grater, mash pre boiled vegetables and use child safe knives to cut
  • Get them to help doing small tasks for example putting potatoes from the chopping board into the tray and mixing the oil around with their hands or brushing muffin tins with oil
  • If they’re helping you make the whole dish, don’t worry too much on the finished dish, it’s important to just try things out
  • Have patience and most importantly have fun!

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