East London: Kids Kitchen and Together Space

We had a fantastic Sunday last week taking Kids Kitchen to one of the most brilliant kids event in East London, The Together Space – an inclusive play space for learning disabled and neurotypical children, young people and their families.

We’ve been wanting to collaborate for a very long time, they are an amazing organisation based in Waltham Forest. They started because Alex, the founder, wanted to help create a world where all children can grow up together, learn to communicate with each other and celebrate difference. We couldn’t have been more thrilled to join them!

We cooked our signature recipe Couscous Volcanoes and the kids had a fantastic time chopping and snipping. We created sandcastles made of couscous (the volcano mountain) and then covered them with tomato passata (the lava). Who thought food could be so playful!

Lucy lead the session with her usual charm and flair. She turned spring onions into little characters needing a haircut (see pic below!) and was making the lava rumbling noises as she poured it onto the newly created volcanoes.

We met some amazing kids, mums, dads, grandparents and carers. We listen to great music by Mrs H and the Sing-along Band while busy getting those volcanos going and once again we saw kids rediscover vegetables through the simple act of playing with them. Someone surprised their mum by eating a carrot!

We are very grateful to our new volunteer Vicky for helping out (it was a busy session, we couldn’t have done without you!).

One of The Together Space’s missions is to create job opportunities for young adults with SEND (special educational needs and disability). We would like to extend a special thank you to Isabella and Praneel who worked with us on the day.

Here is Isabella (who was soooo good with the little ones) helping a toddler with his carrots!