Kids Kitchen Online: 3rd of November Rainbow Bread

As the days grow a little darker we thought we would inject a little bit of colour into your Tuesday morning!Our attendees tend to be a little younger at the moment as the older ones are happily back in school, so we are making our recipes more focused on sensory play. We will take lots of time to play with the dough in this one and talk about colours and textures.

Kelda will talk you through the recipe.

THIS WEEK – no need to book, we’re going live on Facebook, just turn up to the Kids Kitchen Facebook Page at 11amYou don’t need anything special to take part. Below are the ingredients you’ll need but if you are missing something don’t worry – you can even just turn up for a chat if you like!

We have started to add quantities as it was suggested by one of our attendees, but you can adjust for your needs.

What you might find useful:

1 measuring bowl

2 x bowls or dishes for rising dough in

2 cloths to cover dough whilst rising – anything clean will do



small pan to cook down spinach

measuring jug flat surface / board to knead on

baking tray / dish to cook the dough on

plastic knife

Useful but not essential: baking paper, children’s scissors, blender

And ingredients…

500g plain flour

2 teaspoons of salt (if you are cooking for a baby / without salt you can leave this out)

yeast (check your yeast pack for how much you need – I use quick dried yeast, so will use 1.5 teaspoons for 750g flour)

3 tablespoons of olive oil / vegetable oil like sunflower

300ml warm water

colouring (any or all of these): 1 teaspoon dried turmeric for yellow

approx 1 mug of spinach for green

1 teaspoon dried paprika for red

small cup of fresh blueberries / raspberries for blue or red

half a cup of black olives for black

beet juice for purple

– optional, for decorating bread: olives, fresh peppers, fresh herbs like basil, parsley, mint

A short note about ingredients: we try to use local and seasonal produce and tweak recipes accordingly. Tweaking is also necessary at the moment now that we can only leave home for essentials. For this reason we’ve given you loads of options, please don’t be daunted by them! We will also help with substitutions on the day.

Our online weekday sessions are free but if you are able to support our work, we rely on donations for much of what we do. Thank you! ????????????