Cooking Outdoors at Wildcat Wilderness

Last Friday we started our first session after lockdown and what fun we all had. Thanks to our friends at Wild Cat Wilderness we had the opportunity to try this first session in a beautiful way with an outdoor kitchen. It was great to see all kids and adults enthusiastic trying vegetables and herbs right in the place where all of them grow. The sun, blue sky or the earth is really appealing to me in a primal way, and that was such beautiful day.

The happiness and freedom that all of this brings into the session made me realise that this is the way we always want to do our sessions. Cooking outdoors is a must in the summertime. While I do enjoy barbecuing with my families and kids, I love the thought of cooking outside with Kids Kitchen Community in a more natural way. Cooking with fire, cob outdoor oven are all there the sun, birds singing, butterflies or the earth is really appealing to me in a primal way. I especially love the idea of simply picking our vegetables and make simple lunch snack recipes for our kids – the basic experience of meal prep and eating together as a community.

Thank You to everyone who came and helped to make this session a wonderful experience for all, and special thanks to Catriona and her daughter Majia for their commitment to making this session successful. We will be at Wild Cat Wilderness now every month. Session Booking details soon!