Coningsby Children’s Centre Collaboration

Our Herefordshire hub has a new session in Leominster –

Every Thursday (Term time only)

for six weeks, 10am – 12pm From 30th January.

Kids Kitchen aims to provide regular sessions that meet our core values – find out more here. This includes cooking from scratch, with plant-based ingredients, and having fun – both adults and kids!

We believe what we are doing is important and we want as many people as possible to be doing it too.

Working with Coningsby Children’s Centre allows us to fulfil these aims, many of which overlap with the aims of Herefordshire Children’s Services too. They have been able to offer us use of their venue for free because so much of what we do is in-line with their goals too. (We can fund sessions through your support for our products so please do have a look at our shop page – every product supports family cooking to happen!)

Teaching young children about healthy eating is a vital part of their upbringing, but it

can be hard to do this in our busy lifestyles nowadays. These sessions will enable parents to learn some fun and easy ways to get kids involved in the kitchen and show them how to enjoy cooking and eating healthily as a family. We encourage the use of a wide variety of different vegetables and pulses alongside health twists on families favourites – and because the kids are cooking it all themselves from scratch, they are a lot more receptive to trying new foods! We aim to be sustainable in everything we do as well, and we hope to foster a more eco-friendly approach to cooking at home by showing families how easy (and tasty!) a plant based recipe can be. Both Kids Kitchen and Herefordshire Children’s Services hope that by encouraging healthy habits in childhood, through fun and engaging activities, we will be helping to create healthy and happy adults in the future.

As well as encouraging healthy eating, Kids Kitchen sessions promote inclusivity, social links and new friendships – for the children and the adults! We end each session by sitting down together to eat the lunch we have created, and in doing so we encourage people to engage with both their children, and other parents or carers. Taking the time to enjoy food together can be a great bonding experience and we hope many people find our sessions a good way to overcome the feelings of isolation that can sometimes set in when raising a child.

By working with the Children’s centre we will also be able to reach families that may not have otherwise engaged with our sessions – the Health Visitors will promote them and encourage people to attend who could really benefit from both the learning aspect and the social aspect as well. We are pleased to be able to offer some spaces for free at these sessions to families that the Health Visitors feel would get the most out of it, something that wouldn’t be possible without their support. This partnership means both us and the Children’s Centre can meet our aims successfully, but most importantly, it means the families that access the sessions will be learning, creating and enjoying food together. I hope to see you there!

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