Kids Kitchen was started by two volunteers in 2011. Since then Kids Kitchen has supported other parents and carers to start thier own sessions in cafes, from there own front rooms and community centres.

The Hornbeam
This is where it all started. The Hornbeam is a community cafe in Walthamstow. The three initial sessions became a monthly community event run by Rebecca and Eva from 2011-2014. Here everyone is getting the toppings ready for pizza.
Aneta in  Sydenham
When Aneta and Eric moved from East to South London they missed Kids Kitchen so much they started their own. Aneta asks a friend if she could use her kitchen and invited her neighbours along. Here they are making calzones, yum!
Annabelle's Kitchen
Annabelle came to our first ever Kids Kitchen and continued to be a regular attendee of our Hornbeam sessions in Walthamstow until she decided to start her own. From her front room she helped the toddlers of Hackney cook up a storm. Look at all those amazing Vegetables!
Kids Kitchen by Niki
Funding from the Big Lottery Fund allowed us to train and support new volunteers to start their own Kids Kitchens. One of our volunteers was Nikki. She is an amazing cook and with her two young children by her side Nikki has run sessions from a local community centre and her home. These kids have been adding spice to the veg for a tagine.
A funding pot allowed us to help Aneta take what she started in her friends kitchen and run with it. She is now running regular sessions at the Penge Community supported by Kids Kitchen. Aneta is amazing at developing recipes, her latest is quinoa and lentil burgers with mango salsa.
The Red Route Cafe
After attending a free training session, Sara, Venetia and Agi got stuck in and planned, promoted and ran three great sessions from The Red Route Cafe in Lower Clapton, London. Here they are making a delicious couscous salad.
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If you think you might be interested in running your own Kids Kitchen Community Session get in touch!