Parent-Led and Proud!

If you’ve been to a Kids Kitchen session local to you or online, you might not have noticed that we are more than just that one amazing session leader who brightens up you and your toddler’s morning. We are based in a number of areas, and despite working as one team (which totally got us […]

Online Hub Session – Thursday 21st October: ‘Mazing Mashing!

Hello! No more missing out, here at Kids Kitchen we are coming to you! In our Kids Kitchen Online Session we want to make sure each family has the opportunity to join in, feel included, have fun and cook great food together with one of our pressure free cooking activities wherever you are, whatever your […]

You’re not Alone! Join our Friendly Network

Already a network member? Head here Are you trying to entertaining a baby or toddler and get lunch made? Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Week?! Regulars to our sessions, online or face to face, will likely have heard us mention ‘The Mighty Network’ on several occasions. However many of you may not actually know what […]

Recipe Activity Videos

Check out our simple activities for under 5s – and all ages, that might get your lunch made too!

Snipping and Stir Fries: Kids Kitchen Tips

Scissors are a great way of practising fine motor skills while cooking. Scissors are also handy if you’ve only got one chopping board and someone else is using it (or more likely in my kitchen it’s piled up in the sink waiting to be washed…) Kids can snip ingredients straight into a bowl. There are […]

Pesto Twists: Recipe Activity

Need to make lunch for a toddler but you’ve got no bread in? Never fear, We have the solution! Your little one can get stuck into making this pastry first and then you’ve got Pesto Swirls for lunch. One of our trainees Sarah first got us into this recipe, and Aneta loved it so much […]

Kids Kitchen introduce… Virtual Playgroup!

We’re all missing our normal groups and activities at the moment! One of the things I miss most is catching up with other parents so next week we’re starting a new session format – a Kids Kitchen virtual playgroup! Many of you with young kids were keen for a shorter session with a bit of a […]