North Gwynedd: Building community, learning new recipes and watching our kids eat veg!

Kids kitchen north wales hub

Krysia, North Gwynedd Hub…

“It’s been a bit of a journey having a toddler, making sure we get out of the house every day so my 3 year old and I both stay sane and get to see other faces, then coming back and scratching my head about what to cook for dinner each night, spending hours planning and cooking in attempts to widen her diet beyond bread and cheese. All while thinking, is it supposed to be this hard? And if it is, do I have to do this alone?

Then I learned about kids kitchen and realised there was a way to combine getting out of the house, being social and eating a cooked meal. Building community and getting myself and my daughter eating yummy veg-rich food have been my motivations. I have now hosted three sessions, and they have gone brilliantly. Its been lovely to meet so many new faces and to spend time with lovely people, who have told me they love the laid-back setting and get so much out of it. One Kids Kitchen principle that everyone has enjoyed is the ‘yes space’- everything is allowed: taking part, running around, sitting out, coming late, sharing, not sharing, leaving early, being vulnerable, its all welcome at Kids Kitchen. This makes for a great setting for kids and parents/carers to learn new things and get to know each other, knowing that together, lunch is taken care of!  

And we’ve cooked some yummy food: all-in-one Thai curry, dragon stew (tomatoes and paprika) and three bean chilli. Each week parents have told me their kids have tried new foods. All recipes are free from meat, dairy, eggs and nuts to make them as inclusive as possible. If you’d like to join us next time, keep a look out on our booking page here.