So much to do , kneading , cutting, whizzing, everybody loves this pizza 

Tactile and  fun,  let the kids imaginations run wild with the shapes they make !

You can use any kind of Veg thats in season for these and they always turn out delicious.

Kids love making pastry, and you can fill them with almost any veg and herbs you like.

With a simple cauliflower and orange salad, lots of flavours,colours  and textures .

Instant pasta and its green!

So much fun to make and really creative too.

Lots to do! Create a really hearty meal for when you have good facilities and lots of time .

Vegetable Cutlets 

Two recipes here, one using spring seasonal veg and the other for winter ,both delicious!

Crunchy falafel with lots of processor fun with a bright and fresh salad for lots of chopping

Mash the beetroot , crush those chickpeas, whizz up the cashews, share and enjoy !