Big Lunch 2018.. we're all in!

Sponsored by the National Lottery, the Big Lunch is a country-wide event launched by the Eden Project, Cornwall in 2009. It’s based on a simple, playful idea: why not get all the people on the same street eating together in the name of happy community life and good food? Once a year seemed a good start, and so the Big Lunch Day was born.


Last year, for its 9th anniversary, the Big Lunch involved an amazing 9.3 million people – that’s 14% of the population of Britain! Coming together to meet and eat in their street, a garden or the local community centre, the people bringing a Big Lunch to their neighbourhood also inevitably kickstart a wave of good vibes and all-around awesomeness!

What a great way to boost and foster community feelings on our streets, especially if you’re living in big cities like our Capital.


This year, we are very happy and super exited to have been invited to be part of the Big Lunch initiative at St Hugh’s Community Centre, Anerley. If you know us in South East London, then you know that we have been regularly hold our sessions there. We have a special bond with this Community Centre, made up of people that from day1 understood our project and made it their own – and for this we are forever grateful!


So this Big Lunch day will also be a celebration of our bond and what can be achieved when communities get together – let’s make ours even bigger!


See you at the Big Lunch, St. Hugh’s Community Centre, 42 Castledine Rd, London SE20 8PL

on Sunday 3rd June 2018 from 1pm to 4pm. 



*Kids Kitchen South East London is proudly sponsored by The Big Lottery Fund, Hilda Lane Community Association, Lewisham Council and Trust For London.