We started as two parents wanting to entertain our kids. One of us had an obsession with vegetables, the other loved putting recipes together. We both - like many others - needed to find three meals every day to feed our kids and enjoy ourselves!

We continued - because this idea of cooking savoury from scratch with very young children - was popular, and we realised it wasn't happening in many other places. 

We run and facilitate cooking sessions for carers and toddlers.


We aim to cultivate a culture of sociability, community and health through cooking and eating delicious food together.


We believe cooking and eating together creates stronger, healthier families and communities.


Cooking with children, however young, and supporting carers, to give them the skills and the confidence to do the same, is what we do and we love it.


What we do is a bit circular


Kids Kitchen is unique in offering sessions that enable adults to engage with their children while learning about cooking and healthy eating. Sharing ideas and skills that can be taken back to the kitchen at home. We believe cooking with children should not be confined to baking cakes and cookies. Cooking and eating food in a fun, supportive and friendly environment at a young age can help to build a healthy relationship to food that will last a lifetime.


We continue to be amazed at the great food children as young as 12 months help us to create and we never get tired of seeing the joy on a child's face as they learn to cut a mushroom for the first time.