The kids will be...
Snipping, snapping, squeezing, shaking

A nourishing and colourful meal, perfect for getting little hands involved in the preparation!


2 cups of cooked rice
10 cherry tomatoes
1 cucumber
3 spring onions
½ bunch mint
1 avocado
1 red pepper
1 cup pitted olives
1 tin of mixed bean salad
¾ cup frozen peas, recently defrosted
3 tbsp Sumac
2 lemons
3 large glugs olive oil

Salt and pepper



Chop the tomatoes and cucumber. I like to chop the tomatoes in half, and the cucumber into thick slices first with a sharp “grown-up” knife then let the children do the rest with a table knife or kids spreader.

Snip the spring onion. Scissors are a great tool when cooking with children. Spring onion can also be easily ripped into strips.

Pull the mint leaves from their stalks and rip them into pieces.

Scoop the avocado from its skin with a spoon (after first cutting it in half with that “grown-up” knife)

Snap the red pepper into chunks with your hands, the pepper can also be cut with a knife or snipped with scissors.

Squish the olives and break them into pieces with your fingers.

Drain and rinse the tin of mixed beans in a colander

Squeeze the lemons into a bowl or cup and pick out any seeds.

Now comes the best bit. Put the rice in a big bowl and pour in all the prepared ingredients add the rest of the ingredients, peas, sumac and olive oil, and MIX. Have fun stirring and watching all the shapes and colours combine. It is like making a delicious edible magic potion.

Serve straight away or cover and serve later. Most importantly, enjoy!


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