First family festival?

As Festival season gets closer we wanted to take a look at experiencing festivals with a family. If you thought your festival days were over when the kids arrived you couldn’t be more wrong, it’s all about finding the right festival and being prepared!

Kids Kitchen will be running sessions at a number of family friendly festivals where you will be able to bring the kids and cook a healthy meal together from scratch. Festivals all tend to have a really different vibe to each other, there is bound to be one that suits you perfectly.

Scroll down for our top tips for family festivals!

Here’s where we’ll be…

CarFest – as the name suggests, has lots of car related entertainment which is perfect for kids who love transport. There is plenty to do for adults too – music, food and even a relaxation area where you can get a bit of well-deserved pampering after a day of watching Dick & Dom. Chilled in a field has more of a party vibe, described as being for “grown up party people and their kids”. Meanwhile Starry Skies wants us all to get back to nature and enjoy being outside.

What they all have in common is that they are totally geared up for families with kids of all ages; safe, all the facilities you could need for the kids, and loads of fun that appeals to all ages.

Our TOP tips…

If this year is your first experience of a family friendly festival here are our top tips to make it as stress free as possible:

  • ALL the snacks! Festivals can get busy and it can sometimes take a while to queue for the food stands, so make sure you’ve got enough supplies to keep you going. You could always head to one of the festivals where we’ll be appearing and book onto one of the Kids Kitchen sessions to make sure you’ve got some healthy, plant-based sustenance to hand!
    • Plan for the early starts. Gone are the days when festivals meant rolling out of bed at midday and heading straight for the beer tent! The chances are that most of us will get a rude awakening shortly after sunrise, well before most of the kids entertainment has started. Why not grab a coffee and head over to one of the Kids Kitchen Early Risers Clubs to make breakfast together?
      • Make a plan! There’s often so much going on that it’s hard to fit everything in. Our cookery sessions allow you to spend quality time together and have fun all while making a delicious recipe. Which buys you some brownie points with the kids for when you want to relive your youth at the main stage that evening…
      • Now all we have to do is make sure the rain stays away…

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        We are Kids Kitchen. We cook with families, we support others to do the same, and we share what we’ve learned.