Happy Volunteers Week!

A note from Rebecca about #VolunteersWeek and the opportunities for Kids Kitchen volunteers to learn more…

So much of Kids Kitchen starts from volunteers. Nine years ago, Eva and I wanted to fill time in a fun way with our kids, and this idea has just continued and spread out. Sessions feel fun, inclusive and manageable because we are all involved – so even when there is a paid session leader everyone has a job to do. Especially the little ones!

I was already exploring how to get out and about, feel useful and inspired with my daughter in tow so I had started volunteering all over the place – and cooking became the way that both of us could feel really useful, and enjoy ourselves too!

We were joined by more and more people who found cooking with theire kids helped them get what they needed. Aneta was inspired to start her own sessions and the South East London hub was born.

Later, Khadidja – now a session leader – started volunteering in the local cafe we were based in and got involved with the training we were running then.Most recently, Sarah stumbled across Aneta’s sessions in South East London and has volunteered not just as session leader but to kick start our festival fun! Sarah says “this has given me such a boost to try more new things/things I haven’t done for a while. My confidence had been such a barrier for me getting back into paid employment – the thought of taking part in interviews and assessment exercises was too overwhelming to even consider applying for jobs… I’m hoping this will help me get back into work in the coming months!”So if you want some of this volunteer magic – join in with our FREE online taster on Friday and find out more about our training!

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