Festival Call Out!

Know Kids Kitchen? Like Festivals? Help us to spread the Kids Kitchen love at Summer Festivals in 2019 and support the great work we do as well!

We are offering our pop-up fun to kid-friendly festivals this year, making a mini-meal from scratch, chopping, squidging, mixing, mashing – and chatting – along the way.

The money that we make from every festival will mean that we can work more with those that need family cooking most – but maybe can’t afford it.

So… You get a festival for free – Kids Kitchen gets more chances to share family cooking and build adult’s skills – and festival-goers get a great child-friendly activity!

We can offer:

– Fully accredited training and DBS clearance- All the resources you’ll need- Support to plan your sessions

– Insurance- A match to a festival that suits you / your family

You’ll need:

– A team that can handle a couple of small groups of kids and parents at a time – so one of you may have the kids and go off and have fun, while the other two do your sessions. (We can help match you to like-minded individuals)- Bags of enthusiasm and a fair amount of energy!- Your own camping equipment- To commit to around 2-3 hours of sessions a day, and the rest of the time is your own.

Read more here.

What next?

Email festivals@kidskitchen.org.uk and tell us:

– Where you could get to in the UK – and any festival you’d particularly like to go to

– Who ‘you are’ – do you have your own team, would you like to be paired?- Why you think this is a great opportunity for you!- Any cooking, kids and festival experience you already have- What your Summer, and mid-week availability could be – most festivals are run from mid-week over a long weekend and we would generally need to be available for three of those days.

We look forward to hearing from you!