February Training Success!

The end of February marked our first completed set of CPD accredited training – hooray!

Thank you first – to the CPD Group for their support in getting our policies together, and for recognising our Cooking From Scratch With Young Children course as the quality professional development course that we have seen is so worthwhile to those who have completed it in the past.

Secondly, a huge thank you to those who were directly involved in the training. Each week it was so refreshing to hear new ideas being brought to the online meet-ups, from tasty and interesting new recipes to discussions about the practicalities of cooking with young children. We were so pleased with everyone’s enthusiasm and engagement in the course, and the feeling felt mutual from the feedback we received:

“It was so lovely to be part of such a friendly online community, working together and learning from each other – I feel really inspired and much more prepared to cook with young kids after this training!” (Ella, Trainee)

Annie plans to use the training to become a Community Member in Wiltshire, and we are also

very happy to be welcoming Carmen, Alice and Naseem – three new session leaders to the Kids Kitchen community, who are already leading sessions along with other Kids Kitchen session leaders in East London!

This has been a great way of widening our friendly network, connecting people and helping those taking the training to develop their skills in group cooking with children. Sounds appealing? Then stay tuned for dates of the next course! As it can all be done online, it doesn’t matter where you are in the country.

Alternatively, if you are part of an organisation that you think would benefit from this course then please do get in touch on info@kidskitchen.org.uk and we can arrange for a workshop to be delivered to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!