Starry Skies! A festival adventure…

We’ll be doing our thing this summer with lots of little people and their carers at the Starry Skies festival. Make your own lunch in our food stall with a bit of a difference! Very excited to take our simple favourites from urban family fun days to a bit of camping woodland fun. Come join us in rural Wales in August – “Where the kids roam free..”!

“Fun Fresh and From Scratch! The wonderful Kids Kitchen have been running healthy and happy family cooking sessions for a good while now, and are very excited to do the same for us at Starry Skies. Come and join their interactive food cart experience, where you’ll be inspired to cook together to create delicious lunches at a super bargain price, and be supported to set up your own family cooking spaces. Expect there to be plenty of snipping, ripping, chopping, mixing, rolling, dipping… and eating!

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